O Saši

Sasa Kovacevic is a Serbian singer and one of the most successful musicians on the Balkans, Europe. Zemun, Belgrade, 27th July 1985 is where Sasa Kovacevic was born in. His fascinating sense for rhythm was gotten at birth but developed at Music High School (piano department) and the Academy for Art, Audio Production and Recording Department at “Art University” in Belgrade. A boy from the unique neighborhood, urban streets of Zemun modest and kind was always into music. His first gig he had at 16 age. The first breakthrough in public he had in 2004 at the Suncane Skale Music Festival in Herceg Novi when he was 18, Montenegro with the song Pakao i Raj. Immediately it earned him a success and huge popularity in the whole region. Incredibly fast he became one of the most famous musicians in several countries on the Balkans. The singles which followed “Jedina si Vredela od Svih” (awarded in 2006), “Korak do Dna” at Radio S Festival 2005, “Ruka za Spas” a hit of the year 2006 became hits respectively and introduced his first album for “City Records”. The following awards came in 2007 Beovision for Music Discovery of a Year, followed by the Popularity Oscar award by Melos Estrada and 3 x “Belgrade Victor” for the Best Pop Singer in region, he got the first prize at the Estrada Days Festival. Montefon Award for the singer most listened to in Montenegro came as a big recognition from Montenegro fans in 2007. In Sokobanja Festival he got the award for the Summer Hit 2008. One of the greatests collabborations of that period is a duet song featuring another Baklan star Emina Jahovic in 2008, it was an amazing hit which earned him another big award the following year. His love songs, romantic lines, the charisma and the specific emotion in his voice made teenagers mad about his music and appearance. The next album Ornament 2010, brought the same amount of success which his fans eagerly waited for, and was awarded the Album of the Year in the Region. The songs “Bolji covek”, “Lazu te” and “Jos ti se nadam” featuring Emina Jahovic gained more awards like The Singer of the Year in 2010. Another award came the same year at the Suncane Skale Music Festival in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Inproduction presented him with another Popularity Oscar of Wien in 2010 again. Also at Radio S Music Festival he got Grand Prix award. From 2011 he started producing songs with his brother in their own studio. The songs here started being faster and the fans were delighted to enjoy them in clubs and his concerts. Another ballad was released in 2011/2012 “Kako posle nas” with even stronger emotions than before. Meanwhile Sasa endevoured in many public events and manifestations like humanitarian actions by National Broadcasting Service of Serbia for which he gained decoration from Her Royal Highness Princess Katarina. The readers of the newspapers “Vesti” voted him as The Singer of the Year 2011 which got him another recognition. The hits and videos “Lapsus”, “Pisi propalo”, “Slucajno” which were released in 2013 made a big turn in his career making every single a big project. This 3 songs have more than 100 000 000 views on YouTube.
In 2014 he released more hits and his videos Mogli smo Sve, Branim, Noc do Podne were perfect for all senses and fans were excited that he keeps up and is giving them what they expect all the time from him. Then in 2015 his videos became full projects with the big group of people working with him on his songs and filming the videos in the most professional way. For the first time he chose Thailand and the hits “Gde smo Moja ljubavi”, “Rano je”, “Zivim da Te Volim” were made there on different locations showing beautiful sceneries, great singing, dancing, catchy adorable tunes, at once turned into summer hits and making over 30 000 000 views on YouTube for few months. Here the professional collaboration is highlighted And finally in 2016 his big projects of making songs and videos were taken to Cuba where “Temperatura” and “Zamalo Tvoj” were filmed in collaboration with local musicians, dancers along with one of the most talented video directors. Temperatura was directed by Luis Y. Santana & Pedro Vazquez and is hitting over 30 000 000 views on YouTube, besides Sasa transferring magical rhythms to the audience you can feel the music of Cuba and almost touch it.
From 2006 until today he had a lot of concerts in whole region and Europe, and still many interesting projects and concerts are on the way.
Private life: Sasa is a kind, person described by the press as polite and always wearing a smile, keeps his private life to himself, although girls are mad about him, Sasa keeps his relationships away from the public. As a boy at school was doing good, great at sports, trained basketball, gym and kick boxing, but getting his first keyboard changed his life.
“Jedina si vredela” (2006)
Korak do dna
Kada nisi tu
Jedina si vredela
Jasno k’o dan
Ruka za spas
Lagala me il’ ne lagala
Pakao i raj
Ostavi me
Ne umem sa njom
“Ornament” (2010)
Kome da verujem
Ponosna na nas
Moje poslednje
Kako sada sam
Još ti se nadam (feat. Emina Jahovic)
Lažu te
Bolji čovek
Idemo do mene (2011) (marketing. Nikolina Pišek)
Bežimo iz grada (2011)
Kako posle nas (2011)
Lapsus (2012)
Piši propalo (2013)
Slučajno (2013)
Nothing but the faith (2013)
Mogli smo sve (2014)
Branim (2014)
Noć do podne (2014)
Gde smo moja ljubavi (2015)
Rano je (2015)
Rođendan (2015)
Zivim da te volim (2016)
Zamalo tvoj (2016)
Temperatura (2016)
Temperatura (2017) Spanish Version